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Why choose us?


FSC Student Connections Inc. primarily focuses on assisting international students with anything they may need with respect to their stay here in Canada that has anything to do with CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  We process thousands of Study Permit, Work Permit and Visa applications annually.  All cases are handled by our licensed immigration consultant and he can provide advice on any questions or concerns you may have regarding your application.  Immigration Services
In addition to providing immigration services, FSC Student Connections Inc. is also partnered with agencies that are able to help international students apply to a wide range of schools and institutions within Canada.  Whether it be secondary school, university or a technical college, we are able to provide advice and assist students in registering for whatever program may wish to apply for free of charge.  For a complete list of schools and institutions please click here.
We have a friendly environment in our 3 offices and can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese.

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