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The federal government offers a package of group benefits which include health, dental, and disability insurance plans. The government recognizes the importance of workplace well-being as an important factor in both the recruitment and retention of employees.

The terms and conditions governing these benefits are found in Collective Agreements, Terms and Conditions of Employment (for excluded employees) rules, documents and official policies. The content of this site is provided as supplementary information and does not supersede the plan documents, plan rules and insurance contracts which govern your group benefit plans.

Brief Overview

The Treasury Board is the group benefit plan sponsor. It is responsible for establishing and modifying the plans and developing policy. It also sets the terms and conditions relating to eligibility, premiums, contributions, and benefits. Each group benefit plan has a principal administrator or insurer.

The health and dental benefit plans have a total eligible population of over one million members and dependants, while the disability plans have 227,000 eligible members. These plans are currently administered by four insurance providers:

In addition to an overview of the group benefits available to employees in the federal public service the following information is also available:

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