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Health Care System


Canada has a public health care system that makes critical care accessible to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents alike. Although the health care systems are run by Provincial ministries of health, the Federal Government sets the standards for health care across the country.

There are three Provinces that charge health care premiums (BC, Alberta & Ontario). In the remaining Provinces and Territories health care is paid for through taxes and Provincial governments are responsible for the actual administration and delivery of health care in their jurisdictions.
In Canada, each province or territory is in charge of its own healthcare system covering Canadian citizens for hospital and physician care. Virtually all Canadian post-secondary institutions have medical insurance plans available for international students. Contact the Canadian educational institution you plan to attend for information about health insurance coverage for you. 

Regardless of whether or not you plan to purchase coverage from a Canadian institution, it is highly recommended that you purchase travel health insurance. For more information on travel health insurance, contact your travel agent. 



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