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Leisure Activities


Given the close proximity to the United States, Canada receives new movies immediately following their release dates. A standard adult admission costs approximately CAD$13, though most theatres have a designated “cheap night”, when tickets are sold at reduced prices. Student rates are usually offered every night. Alternatively, most cities also have repertory cinemas. These are often older, smaller cinemas that show second-run movies at discount prices.

Most Canadian cities have wonderful theatres showing a range of musical and theatrical performances. Broadway shows, such as Cats, Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia! Circulate through the larger cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.  Major cities usually have a very active amateur theatre community as well.  Shows are often advertised in local newspapers, and the tickets are sold at a reasonable price. Contact your local playgroup or theatre for more information, listed in the yellow pages of the phonebook. 
More information on major events, please visit Ticketmaster.

Canada’s two national daily papers are:
*The Globe and Mail  
*The National Post

Each city also has its own daily paper or sometimes several. A quick visit to the site of the Canadian Newspapers Association will enable you to find the paper(s) for the cities in Canada of interest to you.
In addition to home delivery, newspapers can be found at convenience stores, retail locations, and newspaper boxes located on streets and campuses.
Many Canadian cities also have alternative newspapers that are an excellent resource for classified advertisements; inexpensive things to see and do; and news stories related to young people.

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and snowboarding are popular Canadian pastimes. Canadian ski resorts are renowned worldwide for their quality and beauty, and are generally quite accessible from major cities.  The ski season normally lasts from early November to April, though this is dependent upon weather conditions.

Full-day, half-day and night ski lift tickets are available and, although prices vary from resort to resort, they all offer special rates for multiple day passes. For a full-day adult pass, expect to pay anywhere from CAD$45-$90. All established resorts offer equipment rentals and lessons. Contact the facilities at the mountains you plan to visit for more detailed information.
For more information, please visit the Canadian Ski Council.

Hiking is a popular sport in Canada. The Trans Canada Trail, as the name implies, is a recreational trail connecting every province and territory in Canada providing access to as much of the population as possible. It is open to all cyclists, joggers and cross-country skiers in winter. Your local Canadian tourism office or bookstores are good sources of information for hiking trail guides. For your own safety when hiking, let others know when and where you are heading, and do not trek into unknown territory. Many universities also have hiking clubs, which offer a safe and fun way to explore the Canadian wilderness with knowledgeable guides in a supervised environment.

For more information, please visit:
*The Trans Canada Trail 
*Canada Trails 

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